Pro Staff

Pro Staff

Christine Lapeer

Christine grew up on Lake Ontario in Kingston. Like a lot of girls, I fell in love with fishing because of my dad. Now I like to fish all year for any type of species as well as compete in Bass Tournaments during the summer months.  Fishing is my family time, how we spend our date nights, my therapy and all about fun and challenging myself.

Jim Wilson

I am a father, multi-species angler and high school science teacher living in Eastern Ontario, Canada. I have been passionate about fishing, the outdoors and the environment ever since I was a kid exploring local ponds and streams in Southwestern Ontario and chasing walleye in Quebec on our annual family summer vacations.

Nowadays most of my fishing focuses on walleye, bass and Great Lakes salmon and trout, but I am always looking for new adventures. I fish a variety of techniques depending on the species, water body and conditions; trolling, jigging, drop shotting, Ned rigging, and wacky rigging are some of my favourite fishing methods.

I have a bit of a competitive spirit and fish a few local bass tournaments as part of the Ottawa Valley South Bassmasters, but most of my fishing time is spent with family and friends in search of the next great fishing story. I love helping newer anglers catch their first salmon or their first 10 pound Bay of Quinte walleye.

I am a strong supporter of youth fishing, and for the past 10 years I have been running high school student fishing clubs at the schools I teach at, educating youth on fish conservation and exposing them to various fishing experiences to hook them into becoming lifelong anglers.

Scott Campbell

“Always looking forward to the next fish.”

Adam Brooks

4th year as a pro-level angler with Renegade Bass Series I spend most of my spare time between sport fishing, taking my kids and friends fishing, as well as teaching fishing to adults and children of all ages! 

     My favourite thing to do is teaching kids to fish – to watch their excitement as they reel in the fish and their giant smiles as they pose for their picture, just makes me so happy. I love this part of what I do especially because I know how hard it can be for some families, especially for the kids with parents that don’t have the knowledge, the time or the resources to take their children fishing.        To be able to share my love and passion for fishing with these kids, whether they come to me to learn more or are just trying something new, really does fill me with overwhelming joy and fulfillment